Hey ssup! What you did on this weekend guys? For me, just stay at home and doing nothing. Lifeless much aitee? lol. Mom going to kenduri, dad always with his tab(whatsapp with his bestfriendsssssssssss all the time haha) Dah macam aku pulak -.-" K then, abang is sleeping. Hish im so bored now. Someone please take me out of this house. I wanna release my tension and lepak-ing or whatever ah kan. Actually I want to watch  battleship so badly but no one wants to accompany me :( My bestfriend always busy with her boyfriend now. And me? Just keep trying until die maybe k jk jk. Weh boring!!! Dad didn't give me permission to go that event next week hmm he said it's dangerous there. I don't know what is dangerous if I go there. It's just event lah deddi! But who cares? I wanna go also hehe so degil aitee? I knew. So please shut up! Cehh marah pulok, menyampah ai zzz apa aku merepek ni -__- K la wanna continue tweeting and reblog some pictures on tumblr. Lifeless girl is boring and miss someone that will not miss her back. Hahah ikr! Love and hug for y'all. Ciao!