Oh hello awak semua eheh.. So tired today. Just back from market and maslee, teman mama tadi. Btw i want to share something about ma friends. Like people said 'kawan biar beribu, kekasih biar satu'. Right? Lol kekasih pun takda haha k jk :p Seriously, i don't know how can i live without my friends. Hihi i love them so fucking damn much. So, if you break my friend's heart, i will break your face too.I'm serious *buat muka serious sikit lol* Hurm, so friends don't you ever feel that i'm not caring about y'all anymore. To my kelantanese's friends, i knew we are not that close now but please don't label me as 'sombong' because i'm not! Sometimes, i tweet one of you but no reply. Just ask yourself for that. I'm sorry if y'all think that i've forgotten y'all. I don't know how to tegur y'all lah weh :p Maklum la, dah lama tak jumpa kan haha. Oh yaa, one more thing. I would like to thank all of my friends because y'all are so cool and always be there when im down. Maybe a few of them only. I miss my kelantanese's friends :/  Takpa bulan 6 balik sana bawak sara sekali yay yay! So, peace to y'all \m/