Yes or No.

Hi everyone! :) Long time no blogging. I'm so lazy to update my blog since Ramadhan. Now yeah, already last week of Syawal. Miss me eh? ;p Well, I have so many story to share with you guys. I got a big big one problem. I have started like someone else now. Who is he? Naah, secret :p Haha k serious! He also likes me but I don't know why I just not ready yet.

Just now, he proposed me and I was like ;O Am i dreaming or whaaat?! I just can't believe this. He's so serious with this matter. I told him that I have to think this matter first. Give me some more time to think about it. Maybe yes and maybe no. I'm just too scared. I might hurt his feelings ahhh.. I don't want to do like that! I know how hurts it is..

I have 2 days only for making this complicated decision. Really complicated. I don't want to get hurt and I don't want to make he hurts. I shouldn't like him at first. Ugh stupid me! I love him as a bestfriend at first. But now, everything changed.

I'm still shocked with that propose. Everyone told me "Don't make hasty decision. Think first! Don't hurt his feelings and blabla." Aaaaaaaaaaa i hate this situation. I think I should accept him but how about my feelings? I might get hurt if I accept. I don't wanna make the same mistake again. I'm so scared seriously...

And I might be not able to be so social after this. I can't be so friendly with the guys and my daddy azary!! :(( I should accept him i think. Maybe he's the best for me after that someone. I will delete our conversation and start my new life with him. Hope everything is fine. Hope so :') Tonight, I will make the serious decision. Yes or No. That's all. Okay bye and have a nice day everyone! ;) 

My 14th Birthday

   Hey guys. It's my birthday today and I'm celebrating it with my family. Family first ritee? hehe. Before 12AM yesterday, I was so sad and moody. Idk why. Cepat terasa hati sangat malam tu. Dah tua biasa la. Orang tua kan cepat terasa haha jk. But then, I'm so excited with the birthday.
   When I came to school today, everyone wished me and my classmate sang me a birthday song in eng, malay with the hugs tehheee :D My BM teacher also joined them haha I'm so touched :') My favourite teacher still remember my birthday hehe lebiuu cikgu! 
   On FB pula, yang tak kenal pun wish. Thank you.. I have to silent my phone for almost one day kot. Asyik kena 'ping' je haha. Also got many wish on twitter from my friends and........ hehehe nawwh nvm la :P And yeah. Thanks to my bestfriends, Sara and Haziq for the earliest wishes hihi terharu seh :D
   Just now, Mama and Abah brought me to Secret Recipe for celebrating my birthday and I got surprise birthday cake from them. I'm speechless la that time :') Even my brother couldn't join us tonight because he got class but then it's ok. Don't mind la. Next time also can celebrate it again with you, abang long and her wifey and.. the baby in 'perut' heheh. 
   Can't wait for this saturday pula. They want to celebrate my birthday somewhere. Don't know yet. They didn't want to tell me :( Wanna celebrate my birthday with my friends this sat also. At Ali Baba maybe. Karaoke yay!! Btw.. Thank you guys for all the wishes and the presents! I'm so appriciate it :) Let's see da pictures ;-