Kota Singa

Hey guys. Oh yeah i want to share some experience that i had yesterday in Singapore. It was awesome!! From start okay i tell ah. 8.30 something me, dad and sara were went to Gelang Patah to see Uncle YM and his sons, Haqimi and Aidid. They were good tour guide yesterday. Thanks qimi and aidid. Then, uncle YM and dad brought us to simpang empat stall i think hehe.. We had roti canai for breakfast oyeah! Ok after breakfast, we started our journey to USS. I was so excited as it was my first time go there. We arrived at Vivo City around 9.45AM. Then, we bought MRT tickets. At 11 something, we arrived USS yeayy!!

 I was the happiest and hyper person at that time maybe lol. We took some pictures at the big globe while waiting for qimi to buy the tickets. There were many people at the counters.

After one hour, we can go in. Qimi and Aidid took the maps for us at the entrance. We went to many places there. I hate roller coaster seriously T_T Sara said my face was pucat when we were on the roller coaster. I were shouting as loud as i can haha so funny. I think i can get award that called ' The Best Shouter of The Year ' lols just kidding! Actually, there were many show and game in USS but i really love the show at Water World and the 4D Shrek movie <333.

Sara, Qimi and Aidid had trying the Mummy. I had to wait 35 minutes for them. They called me pengecut at that time hahah. 

After 35 minutes,  they went out from that annoying mummy, their faces like OMG! haha pity uollllzzz. I'm lucky because i didn't follow them. We had lunch after that. The big burger i think hihi. After lunch, we went to see the ghost theater. They were so cute! Haha then qimi had to find a job outside.

The hat reminds me of someone that i really love and still loving him now :-)

 So, the rest went to the New York Road. We all seated at the roadside to see the show. It was awesome show guys! At 4.30PM, Aidid asked me whether want to go water world to see the show. We were rushing to go there *run* hahah.

 The best show eva! <333

We were so tired. So i made decision to seat and take rest first after we had tochured by them lol. We went to Donkey Night Club at Far Far Away kot hehe lupa lah T_T

After all of that, we have to wait Qimi for fetching us at the entrance. We went to Vivo City by MRT again. So smelly ah when i were in the MRT. Haha tak tahan eden -.-" At 8PM something, dad and uncle already waiting us at the Coffee Bean. So, uncle and dad had decided to take us to KFC in JB. At 11PM, we have arrived home. But after all, i really enjoy the holiday in USS with Sara, Qimi and Aidid. Thanks guys because you all were so nice to me and thanks also to dad and uncle. Bye uolzzz! 

P/S ; This post were annoying to you because there were so many picture of us??? Haha sorry okay ;-)