November Moments

Hello everyone, miss me eh? hehek just kidding! It's been long I don't blogging. I'm so busy with my first brother's wedding before this. But now, I'm not busy yet. Alhamdulillah everything goes well.. I'm feeling so happy with my brother and my sister in-law. So, now I can't wait to be Mummy Su soon, lol. Nahh this is the picture!!


Actually, there was many pictures but all the picture were with Abang Ajid and Pino. They still editing the pictures. Anyway, I want to wish ' Selamat Pengantin Baru to Along and Kak Long '. Welcome to the Hasmi's family Kak Long hehe. At last, I have a sister yayerzz! So, now Angah and me only staying ' bawah ketiak mama ' lol. Oh yeah, now school holidays and my family and I were not going anywhere. Just stay at home only maybe. Abah said that he and his best friend, Uncle YM want to bring their family to USS again next week insyaallah. I hope that abah doesn't break his promise this time. Please abah please.. I really got boring when staying at home only on school holidays. I want an awesome holiday too :-( Last but not least, happy holiday to all of you! Have a great holiday with your family okay! Stay cool stay awesome, xoxo.