Yes or No.

Hi everyone! :) Long time no blogging. I'm so lazy to update my blog since Ramadhan. Now yeah, already last week of Syawal. Miss me eh? ;p Well, I have so many story to share with you guys. I got a big big one problem. I have started like someone else now. Who is he? Naah, secret :p Haha k serious! He also likes me but I don't know why I just not ready yet.

Just now, he proposed me and I was like ;O Am i dreaming or whaaat?! I just can't believe this. He's so serious with this matter. I told him that I have to think this matter first. Give me some more time to think about it. Maybe yes and maybe no. I'm just too scared. I might hurt his feelings ahhh.. I don't want to do like that! I know how hurts it is..

I have 2 days only for making this complicated decision. Really complicated. I don't want to get hurt and I don't want to make he hurts. I shouldn't like him at first. Ugh stupid me! I love him as a bestfriend at first. But now, everything changed.

I'm still shocked with that propose. Everyone told me "Don't make hasty decision. Think first! Don't hurt his feelings and blabla." Aaaaaaaaaaa i hate this situation. I think I should accept him but how about my feelings? I might get hurt if I accept. I don't wanna make the same mistake again. I'm so scared seriously...

And I might be not able to be so social after this. I can't be so friendly with the guys and my daddy azary!! :(( I should accept him i think. Maybe he's the best for me after that someone. I will delete our conversation and start my new life with him. Hope everything is fine. Hope so :') Tonight, I will make the serious decision. Yes or No. That's all. Okay bye and have a nice day everyone! ;)